torsdag 21. april 2011

Touring the States :)I

I know it has been a while since i posted anything here
but it has been some crazy weeks...

First i had an amazing weekend in NYC to meet my classmates
But i will get back to that weekend as soon as i have more than 20min to 1am 
every day when getting to my hotel room...
I am sooooo tired- but it is oh sooo fun!
And i am a good reporter,- it is something i do very well :)

Here is my first day on my way to Portland Oregon!

This should be my motto...haha!
I got this for Christmas from my friend Gunn- and i LOVE it!!
This is on my suitcase, and my suitcase looks like it has been through both 
World Wars!

How often do you have a native Indian drive you to the airport!?
He gave me fantastic advices on where to travel to see some of the beautiful spots in this country of America, that most people won´t be able to see.
I will also go one weekend to Ventura to see his artwork- he is really talented! 

Chillin´in Portland with the Christophers
Christopher and Kristoffer ;)
And we are having really cool tasting beers at a
And then afterwards we tried out Joey´s
a local Pub with real old stylish class
and insanely good Irish coffees ;)

Portland is quite a nice city
Artsy with old time hippies
and they are known for great Breweries and Arts
Its an old Hippie town :) 
HELLO!- Brewing beer and arts!
Sounds good to me!
The Streetcars are free in the city-
how cool is that!
Talk about service for the people!!
AND the environment ;)

Fabulous sign?? ;)

We stayed at this fantastic cool hotel called Hotel Modera
which is one of the SLH hotels
(small luxury hotels of the world is the full name ;D)

The art on the hotel is all local artists, and not generic
I was really liking this hotel
great food, great service and CLASSY!

Here is a summary of images from the hotel


And after this, the trip went to Minnesota!
What a beautiful country this is :)
Goodnight everyone out there!

tirsdag 19. april 2011


Sorry that i haven´t written in a while..but i seem to be falling asleep before my head hits the pillow...
Will back back soon though :)

fredag 1. april 2011 does what one has to...

If you have to survive and can´t get a job that pays more then food on your plate
What do you do?

I know my mommy will be very worried
But i am taking stripping lessons...

And i won´t take off everything
California state law prohibits that

So hopefully it will be more Burlesque-ish
I felt that i got a hang of Burlesque at my last audition
But if the money is in more regular stripping...
We will see where the road goes

Hopefully not where Chris Rea sings...
The Road to HELL!

But for those who have no clue about striptease
it is HARD work and a serious workout
So i will earn money
AND be fit!!

Anyone has a good name for me
NOT Chesty LaRue!

Good suggestions are welcome!

Carmen Electra has some good tricks up her sleeve :D

Next Wednesday is the next training
A new day 
A new dawn..

Have a good night everyone!