mandag 12. september 2011

I CAN SING!!!!!!! :)

Today i woke up and i had no desire for food..
i was restless, nervous
and i thought it was because i was just worrying about life in general
-and today is Monday...
A Blue-Monday maybe...?


It was because i was nervous for my audition today
i usually get butterflies
that tickles and keep me on my game
and focused
but i never tremble haha!

So what was different today?

I had to SING!!!

And if you think it was just any other song

I had to dress up, sing and act like


in Grease!!

Yes the ONE and ONLY song;

"You´re the one that i want!"

Can´t you just picture me?

HAHA! point of this story is...

I was in front of the camera
and "Danny" is in the end singing

"Its electrifying!!!!"

Then it was my turn

"You better shape up,
cause i need a man.
And my heart is set on youuuu!
You better shape up,
you better understand
to my heart i must be truuuue.
Be true to me and youuu!

You´re the one that i want
Yooohooo hoo Honey!
The one that i want
Yoohoo hoo Honey!
The one i need
oh yes indeeeeed!



I had NO idea that sound was hiding inside me!

So i took a risk going there
But what was there to loose?
So if i sucked?
The only people that would know was the people there..

BUT...I DIDN´T!!!! :D

I actually.. 


So right now i am just a big smile :)

Till next time of this exciting tale!