tirsdag 17. januar 2012

Never judge a book from its covers ;)

I got up this morning at 3am...

and I am 
MORNING person!!

But I was going to work
in a different country
which I´ve never been to


I got up to go to Vienna
in -15 degrees...
and this was my view out my window...
You THINK!?!
I should´ve known that seat was too easy to get!
But I didn't have any neighbors
so I got the whole area for myself!!
Needless to say
I spread out!!! 


But when I saw the plane I was traveling with...
Air Romania Transit
I thought...

It looks like one of those old Tupolevs from Russia!!!!!

But finally up in the air, it was quiet
(or I might just be deaf from my last flight...)
and the service was not happy...
but fast and to the point ;)

I even got a tablecloth for my hot plate :)
and a trendy one too!

and when I said yes to Tea...
or me... (hihi)
They replied..
"Green tea or Earl Grey?"
I said Green tea
and they said..
"Mint or lemon?"
It´s a Tea bar on wings :) ;)

Happy camper
and we even landed whole and sound!!

After landing I was picked up at the airport
with a driver and a sign saying 
"Anna Lena Hansen"
Its my Swedish nemesis ;)
And he took me straight to the studios.

Now I´m gonna go down to check out this amazing hotel
Raddisson Royal Blu Bucharest :)

More to come fellas!! <3<3 xox!

fredag 13. januar 2012

Til Godt folk i Harstad byen min :)

Heisan Godt folk i hjembyen min Harstad :)

Hørte rykta at det va en liten ting om livet mitt i L.A i Harstad Tidende i dag,
inkludert en link til bloggen min :)

 Bloggen blei opprinnelig laga for at venna og familie skulle kunne følge livet mitt i L.A
Også har den har utvikla sæ underveis 
til å inkludere dem som like humoren i det æ skriv
og bildebruken min

Lillesøster og soulmate Laila og mæ på Gangsås 31/12/2011 :)

Av og til e bloggen super å ha når man har nedtura..
OG opptura
for da e det så godt å få ut alle følelsa her!

Det e ikke bare solskinn i L.A
og det syntes æ e like viktig å få frem :)

Håpe dokker like bloggen min,
og at dok stikk innom innimellom og sier hei!

En dag.... ;)

STOR kos fra mæ! <3

Goooood Morning!!!!

It´s Friday the 13th!!!

the sun is shining

and the birds are singing...

doesn´t look too bad!

Scared much???

Vart skremt ja!?

I would be scared if I met this guy in a dark alley...
...or a light alley for that matter...

I don´t know what is worse...
ponytails like Lindsay Lohan
or red eyes like he´s been partying like Paris Hilton
Teeth like Shrek is just cute :)

First scary movie... ;)

So enjoy today
don´t have bad luck-
-it´s all in your mind anyways!
I usually have a good Friday the 13th :)

My own contribution...


tirsdag 10. januar 2012

Birthday Beau :)

It´s January 10th 
that only means one thing....

Mortenmannen min is turning 36 yrs old!

This handsome Dressmann-model-look-alike
(because of his rays of greys ;D)
and he has a smile that can melt snow
...and me :)

See what I mean? <3

Since his mom had her birthday yesterday
we´ve had two days of great food and cake...

... now this is where I´m heading...

But instead the birthday boy and I celebrated parts of his birthday at..

SATS the gym!!!! ;)

Hihi, Yoga will never be the same again!

Hope you all had a great Tuesday-

-I did!! XOX