lørdag 21. mai 2011

My worst fear...

When you move abroad your worst fear is to loose someone in your family
someone you love
while living abroad..

Today i lost my Beautiful Grandma

She was an angel on earth
She cared for everyone around her
and she had so much love to give
She had a wonderful humor
she would laugh so hard at times that her asthma flared up
Even being in her 80´s
every time her great grand children came by
She would smile like a sun!
She had a love for Grandpa that could make your heart bounce

I will always love you and you are on my mind every second of the day!
You have such a big influence on my life
and i remember you singing to me every night when i went to bed
And in the morning when you needed me to wake up
I have never seen anyone have a bigger heart

I miss you so much that my heart ache
and i could never get ready to let you go
i probably never will

I know in my heart you are with your mom now
and i hope you and your sister Tante Tordis is hugging as we speak
Take care of each other until we all are there
We promise to look after Grandpa for you
Until you two are reunited

Æ elske dæ Bestemor

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