lørdag 26. februar 2011

Horrors at DMV...

You can even see the insane asylum feeling in the picture...cars are standing by waiting for their turn to meet their doomsman..or woman..sort of..

I was a bit nervous...because they looked bloody MAD these examenators!


And here´s the proof,- in case you just had to see it to believe it

tirsdag 22. februar 2011

Its "salute my wonderful car" day!

This is my rental car that someone ran into, and took off to leave me with the bill....
They can be glad they took off, because if i had seen them take off i would have hunted them down!

And then i found this beauty!!

She spoke to me....." Anne Leeeeeeeeena" she whispered...

And i came running!!

Noomi i called her...which means "Now mine" in Norwegian :)

This is what i looked at for the price i was willing to pay....i was about to give up when i found my lovely Noomi! No more tractors, and installation paste holding the freakin´thing togehter!

Man, his penis is small...

Its FINALLY that time of the year......OSCAR NIGHT!!!!! 
Which is held right up the street from where i live in the Kodak Theatre. 
But instead of standing with the "Screamers"......God bless them, i will go to an Oscar party where i can put on my RED CARPET dress, and drink fancy drinks all night, saluting the wonderful peers in my business. 
But of course, some rehearsal is needed for when i will be feeling up Mr.Oscar on my own,- so my beautiful friend Nora and i had a rehearsal lunch to feel the Gold :) 
Man, his penis is small, i am not sure Oscar isn´t Olivia :)

My beautiful friend Nora and the small penis man

...and i actually have to kiss the small penis man...of course...

I got myself an Oscar!!!!!

Grammys night at the Skybar :)

Grammys night at Skybar on 8440 Sunset Blvd. 
Skybar is a cool place, where the bar is around the pool of the Mondrian Hotel. A beautiful view of the city, and of beautiful people full of themselves.....But if you are with cool friends, the night can end up swimming with clothes in the pool or dusting off the eh......talkum powder that people have used to polish the toilet seats with?....WTF, some of these people are SO high, that i would actually ask the tower on LAX airport to look out for them....

In the Lobby they had these crazy cool looking lamps :)
..with the crazy cool girl in between..

We had the delicious drink Appletini (Martini made from Apples)- which REALLY takes me back to when i used to live in New York City, where i should have made my own drink guide for visitors haha!

My friends have much more fun doing crank calls in the hotel lobby instead ;)

Grammy´s Night 2011 :)

At Grammy night my wonderful friend Jay and i started out early at a Mexican bar called Antonio´s on 7470 Melrose Ave

 The owner had us try a 10 yrs old Tequila and a 6 yrs old one.  The 10 yrs old was great, and made us think that Lady Gaga really was reborn into that egg...Tequila is strong stuff...

He had his picture on the bottle, lovely Antonio

And here is Antonio a la 2011 ;)

And the night carried on...and on... ;)

My wonderful Manager and his L.A rep. ;

In this city and in this hoolahoop of an industry, you are in need of the 4 very important elements of making it.... 1. Talent, 2. An agent (actually 3 in this category, one for Theatre, one for Commercials and one for modeling), 3. A manager that believes in you- and lets everyone in on this wonderful secret, 
and last but not least....LUCK. 
Yes- luck, and oh my god that better be my freakin middlename!! So here having a delicious breakfast together at the Sheraton Universal Studios- i present to you my wonderful Manager Jeff A. Cohen and his Los Angeles representative Richie Walls from MMG Model and Talent Management, that i have been with since mid-2000:)

A day of endulgence ;)

In this crazy city they have some serious eating disorders.. 
So you feel like you´re snorting crack if you actually EAT the bread that came with the soup....of chicken and vegetables-
that barely teases your belly! 
So the rebel in me, and my sadistic tummy makes me oppose to this crazy regime! And here is how my brain and belly fight each other throughout the day...


 Frozen Green tea latte at the Urth cafe, with some crazy disgusting soy beans in the bottom...like soked winegum :S  

Afterwards healthy chicken and veggies for dinner made by Chef MOI...with a cold Coors lite since i am patting myself on the back for actually cooking..

Followed by a cupcake at night after a basketball game. How´s that for a leveled out day ya all´:D

mandag 21. februar 2011

The size matters?....

Everyone says that everything is bigger in America....i beg to differ...

if you get a present this small,- you can´t even drink away your sorrows OR get a decent heartburn from that sorry excuse of a Tabasco bottle!

Wild Oats Cafe with Silya!

My wonderful day with my Sunshine friend Silya, a wonderful Norwegian singer that you are gonna hear a lot from in the future- she is AWSOME, WHAT a voice!! Raspy and sexy, you just wanna eat her for breakfast!!! 

So we had breakfast, but the food was so great at The Wild Oats Cafe, that i didn´t have to eat her haha! Isn´t this place cute?

And check out the adorable puppy,- how could the day get any better!?

lørdag 19. februar 2011


I have some serious cravings for this insanely good chocolate!! Can someone email me one...i wish, when the heck are they gonna tap into sending chocolate by net- prioritize fellows!!!

My loved ones, my Bo and my lil´sis!

Choosing to pursue my career is forcing me to leave behind family, friends and my bo. Thank GOD he is not a ho. Haha. I guess trust, skype and a vivid imagination keeps it real :D Here´s my kickass bo that i love mo´and mo´;) 
I know that he looks like a guy in straightjacket on some of these pics, but he has tries to torpedo my picture taking by crossing his eyes,- IN EVERY freakin picture...thank you love! Another picture for the family album..

Morten and his daddy in L.A

Payback for the Brazilian Wax i´d had to endure!

On our way to a Moods of Norway party in L.A

New years Eve in Harstad 2010

Hansen´s soda! ;)

Trying to buy unhealthy Coke at Whole Foods is not easy...They looked at me like i was asking for crack,- so i was politely directed to the aisle of WF Sodas....with my name on them....literally!! ;) As you can see i woke up at 7, so i need CAFFEINE!! NOT orange squirt haha!

Conquer the world!

I can take on the world! Audition today, and this image says it all ;)

Sexy, sticky- and sweeet!

One cannot be on the pier without Candyfloss, all over the fingers, in the mouth....the hair....

She had to have a shower afterwards!

Sunset on the pier in Santa Monica :)

I want to open with showing you an emotion, the feeling of "WOW!" which sitting down on Santa Monica pier watching the sun go down feels like- looooooovely! My friend Sarah watching the sun go  down :)