tirsdag 8. november 2011

Hot NAKED Yoga- IN our house?!

Since moving in to The Fuller Mansion quite a few men has been knocking on our door-
-WITH a Yoga mat under their arm, and a WIDE smile on their face
Because in their head they are picturing this...

This is not a view you see every day...
But at the Fuller Mansion as we´ve been told, 
Naked Yoga was a weekly event!

I have to say I thought our neighbors were joking,
but it turns out they were dead serious :)

And the look of these guys faces when we open the door is disappointment in thick layers...
- a girl opens the door!

NO Naked Yoga???

So today I asked the guy to get the webpage where these guys found us
and surely enough this is what I found


No wonder we had these guys coming around...

The guy that came last week had on a shirt that looked that it had shrunk 4 sizes on him,
and really skimpy shorts- and his pink yoga mat..
Marita thought Bray or I knew him, and took him into the living room.
He looked just as surprised as us haha!

On the webpage it says its not a dating place, or sexual
but how close do you want to be with a Yoga buddy...without clothes...
when he´s doing downward dog?!

I actually had a roomie doing naked yoga...
even in front of my little Sister visiting!
My Sister threatened to call Gillette´s emergency hotline... ;)

BUT if THIS guy (Adam Levine) does naked Yoga-
(it says he does ;D) 
it´s a different story!
We would´ve just had to pimp out our Broomie,
and given them refreshments every other minute! 

So Fuller Mansions previous house renter 
was maybe on to something ;)
The Yoga teacher is supposed to be a really great guy-
which I guess you have to be when men come from far away
to take off ALL their clothes and do
downward dog!
Cool spirit!!

What a wonderful and funny day in L.A :)