torsdag 31. mars 2011

Wednesday Blues... :(

I hope people don´t think that i am just chillin´by the beach in L.A 
with no worries in the world..

I know a lot of my blog is from cool things i´ve been to
and great friends that makes it all better :)

But i want you to know the other sides of staying here..
not just the fun ones...
The REAL ones!

Its freakin´hard to live here!
It feels like NOTHING is easy
I´ve always had to work my ass off to achieve ANYTHING in life
which i am very used to- and proud of!!
I have never been handed anything in life without putting in sweat and tears

And i know my occupation demands a lot of work
and i did NOT think it was gonna be easy
BUT HELL, i haven´t been handed the easiest cards to play either!

I worked YEARS to get my Visa
I had a whole freakin´folder with info on me and my career
And i had to get newspaper clips from back in 94 confirmed
EVERY bloody day i had to contact these Magazines and ask for my papers
IT all took SOOOO much time

And now when i finally got my visa
(a week after signing a lease in Oslo...of course)
It appears the parts that i can work over here on this visa 
is for LEADING lady only!
WHO the HELL starts out doing only principal parts...?? 
Seriously US Immigrations????

So to get an Agent, the Agents want you to be SAG
(The Union for film costs $2500 to join)
And to be SAG you need to do SMALL roles for extra companies-
this to get three SAG vouchers you need to get to join..
And since i am not allowed to do smaller parts, 
i can´t get these freakin´vouchers
And i can´t become SAG
And i won´t get the agents that pays well and get you the bigger parts...


I am going to all these auditions
(Which is great)
But they pay close to nothing
or you work for free..

So i am stressing with the whole survival issue...
And i am trying to find a job so HARD
that i don´t sleep at night..
And so that i don´t have to move home before i even get started

Some days i feel like i can taste all the possibilities that awaits me
and i am sooo ready to get this show on the road!
And other days i just wanna lay down, give up and cry my eyeballs out!
And on those days i really miss my family even more..

Today was a day like that...
I have tried in every direction to get a job that i am not totally overqualified for
and every time i get close, something happens and shuts it down..
Like this job i was gonna do for Miss Usa, 
which is of course when i am back in Norway in June to work...

And the job i DID get, 
came at the same time as another job that also pays well..
and i can´t say yes to both..

So last night i just got this anxiety attack
feeling that this just won´t work
if i don´t get a job soon- it´s over!
Before it started...

So laying in bed sleepless
AND with this crazy bitch on the street outside my window 
yelling on her cellphone at her boyfriend- for EVER!
I actually had to yell out the window
(She pulled the New Yorker out of me..) 
So i was SO tired and probably overly sensitive
that when i woke up, 
i just did not want to get out of bed to deal with all this shit!

Of course when i DID get out of bed
my Dad and Bo could tell me that i had even more bills
and more things to deal with in Norway..

My student funds can´t be postponed
My Norwegian Acting Union wants me to pay twice as much annually
and my accountant sent her first bill...
My bank has something wrong with its internet-
so i can´t pay my bills, and i will get the past due charge on them to top it off. 
And these are only the bills in Norway..

Wonder why i didn´t want to get out of bed?

So today i´ve had NO energy
no zest for life
no faith in my ideas
and i did not know where to start
My head is full and on OVERLOAD!

I DID manage to drag my butt to the gym
So i hoped that was gonna help
Maybe it will pay off tomorrow.

So yes...if  you think this life is a walk in the park

Sometimes i wish i just wanted an A4 life 
with the dog, house, children and a hubby...
And then i have to think really hard if that would have made me happy...

What would i do when the kids grew up
what would i do when they were in kindergarten 
I want a life  for myself too
and i don´t have a Plan B
This is my Plan
and it has to work out

I am parachuting
without a parachute :) 

But to show you the good things in life
i leave you with this...
Life is beautiful!! :)


Good night everyone!

tirsdag 29. mars 2011

TIGHT competition at audition this Friday!

This Friday I actually went to a SOLO commercial auditions 
(Yes, the Norwegian Soda)
And there i met ALL these lovely Norwegian ladies 

Nora and Cecilie

Anja and Elisabeth

And Christina and Tonje

As you can see, the competition is CRAZY hard!!!
All these beautiful and FUN Norwegian girls
CRAZY i say!!!

Afterwards we had some Champagne at Noras...
HAD to celebrate all this Norwegianess haha!

It can´t get any better!!

torsdag 24. mars 2011

A night with Dhana in Taxi Doll :)

My friend and musician Trond from Norway that is visiting, and our friend Jay
 spent an evening at wonderful 
Which is on Sunset and Vine in Hollywood

Where the lovely 


was performing

Here is rock n´roll Trond, me and lovey Jay :)
(PS! Trond is suffering from serious jetlag...falls asleep in an instant)

Check out the cool place and the really HOT singer in the midst
Which also was really good!

She is literally glowing
And they said it wasn´t gonna come all the way here
The radiation is not nuclear..
She is just radiant!!

And Cafe WAS is a fantastic cool venue
It reminds me a bit about old time New Orleans
Or maybe it was the Oysters the people in front of me had
that made me  think of New Orleans...hmmm...

Little did they know that their love affair was gonna end up on my blog
It was soooo romantic...
Some Oysters, some Facebook, back to Oysters, back to Facebook
Oh yeah...and some talking once in a while... ;)
I think they TWEETED more to each other then talk haha!

Some more ambiance pictures :)

Cool place? :D

I urge you to check out Taxi Doll´s Homepage

And if you haven´t heard OR seen my talented friend´s song and music video
here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trond, "Dr.Love"

Burlesque audition today! Pin up rules!!!!

Today i had a Burlesque audition!!!!
How freakin´fun is that???
Going through all these regular auditions during the week
its fun when you can take it ALL out in one of them-and do things that are waaaay out of my comfort zone haha!
(Don´t worry Mommy, i am still not stripping haha)

Here i am on my way there, all made up in pin-up gear ;D
AND a jacket- its L.A, bit it so crazy nipply!!

I was singing and rockin´around in my car there to get me PSYCHED up
I thought i had to dance and do some wicked booty moves
I HAVE seen quite a few Burlesque shows
So my mind was running wildly away with me haha!

...But the audition was... that i had to get my gear ready in the mirror
(adjust my boobies haha) 
while i was putting on makeup when being interviewed by them
So no Dirty Dancing... :(
On the other side...It was a SKIN care commercial haha!
Rated PG 13 ;)

But while there i met this really cool guy when i was waiting
Brent Wendell Williams
He used to be a professional Diver
And he had his clip book with all the memorabilia with him
That I got to see!!!!!

Look at this handsome man modeling!

I found this video of him on Youtube that shows him working out
He was the OLDEST contester that Wipe Out has ever had!!
Did you see that show??? 
It looks like the people in the show gets KILLED!!
(or at least really really hurt...or eh..bruised)

Here is him doing some of his tricks at the Casting place :)
He has done this trick to charm the ladies many a time...

And to wrap it up
Mr.Farmer man (his role) and Miss Burlesque
(We could´nt quite see how the storyline was gonna go on that one...haha!)

What a fun guy!

So even if it took me 40 min in the rain 
to a place that usually takes 5 min to get to...
...and even though i had to walk around for 30 min to find the freakin´place
...and my curls were lost in the rain
...and my booty and shoes soaking wet
It was worth it
when you meet people like Brent with this HUGE smile
and TONS of positive energy :D

Have a great day my peeps!!

onsdag 23. mars 2011

Hosting Bootcamp March 2011 (Programleder kurs :D)

I hope you don´t think that i have eloped and gone underground ;)
It has just been a hectic week, AND weekend!!

This weekend i did a hosting Bootcamp (programleder) 
by the renowned Marki Costello
A Hosting Guru in USA
And it was so hectic, with a 1000 revelations throughout the day
So i didn´t take more than one picture there :(

Here is some of the aspiring Hosting faces of The US today ;)

The smiling blond is Miss Great Britain 1997
Now she is a popular Game show host in London, but wants a shot at the Country of the brave ;)

And this is me being EXTREMELY tired going home in the cold rain
A bit disillusioned and drained...
And a bit aggravated
The class was WAY too big
and we should have been able to go through all the exercises there

So BIG-MOUTH-Lena is gonna tell them straight
A lot of people were dissatisfied, but will not dare to say anything because of the position this woman has in the hosting industry...
I don´t care, she needs to know. its NOT okey!

Can you see that i am pooped?? ;)

I am full of ideas, and ready to do my own stuff
And use what i actually DID learn this weekend ;)

lørdag 19. mars 2011

To all the beautiful and courageous women out there ;)



enough money within her control to move out 
and rent a place of her own, 
even if she never wants to or needs to... 
something perfect to wear if the employer, 
or date of her dreams wants to see her in an hour... 


a youth she's content to leave behind.... 
a past juicy enough that she's looking forward to 
retelling it in her old age.... 
a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra... 
one friend who always makes her laugh... and one who lets her cry... 


a good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in her family... 
eight matching plates, wine glasses with stems, 
and a recipe for a meal, 
that will make her guests feel honored... 


a feeling of control over her destiny... 
how to fall in love without losing herself.. 


how to quit a job, 
break up with a lover, 
and confront a friend without; 
ruining the friendship.... 


when to try harder... and WHEN TO WALK AWAY... 


that she can't change the length of her calves, 
the width of her hips, or the nature of her parents.. 
that her childhood may not have been perfect...but it's over... 


what she would and wouldn't do for love or more... 
how to live alone... even if she doesn't like it... 


whom she can trust, 
whom she can't, 
and why she shouldn't take it personally... 


where to go... 
be it to her best friend's kitchen table.. 
or a charming Inn in the woods... 
when her soul needs soothing... 


What she can and can't accomplish in a day... 
a month...and a year... 

And on that note everyone, a good night to you all!

torsdag 17. mars 2011

Tiger blood in someones vains...and head!

No one delivers lines as David Caruso in CSI Miami...
It        is        all       a      little      chopped     up  
So here he is to cover Charlie Sheen´s latest escapade 
Gotta LOVE it!

I think they say it quite well on Melrose as well... ;)

I don´t know if the ladies over in Beverly Hills saw this sign...? hihi

Mr.New York came to visit :)

It is SO great to stay in touch with old friends!
...not OLD friends, but friends i have known for a LONG time ;D

My friend Javier and i have known each other since i went to 
The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City
His cousin used to run the Internet cafe on the corner

Here is Mr. Mafioso NY at the trendy Urth Cafe :)

Just to show that he is not a scary Mafioso 
(although he is from Nicaragua, and not Italy)
Here he shows his softer side with Finn 
The son of our friends Ursula and David from the Academy

Beautiful little Finn posing
A littttttle sceptic though...haha! 

My two great friends, Ursula and Javier :)
They haven´t seen each other for 5 YEARS!
Shoot, i promised i wouldn´t bring that up
and i did...- again...haha!

Ursula cooked this great dinner, and we had some amazing wine- 
and the best company!!
We talked so much that the garlic bread got
But since the rest of the food was divine, we just scraped it off and down it went

We discussed life and death
Birth and hospitals
Life after death...wonder if that was after those glasses of wine ;)

I HAVE to show you the Motel where Javier stayed on Hollywood Blvd...
He was a bit sceptic in the beginning, but i thought it looked really cool!
That Old Hollywood movie feel to it ;)

The Palm trees outside and Cleopatra on your room door
Spiderman in the stairwell
You can´t go wrong
You know you are in Hollywood ;)

fredag 11. mars 2011

GOD, it is here!

You won´t believe it, but i actually spent an evening in L.A.....
at IKEA!!!!!
Sad,- so sad, but since i was going- my friend Jay is the best company ;)
She was getting some kitchen stuff, and i wanted to get...

IKEA, meet Truck America :)

And since i had to be back in Hollywood by 9pm to go to a concert in Silverlake...
We didn´t have time to eat Meatballs!!!!! 

So instead i got frames for the pictures of my family and Bo :)
And Jay got an entire Zoo! ;)

Have you EVER gone from an Ikea without getting anything???

I have...
I usually get meatballs and try to avoid the whole freakin´thing!!!!

Here is beautiful Jay being all smashing, even for IKEA!!


Ron Jeremy and Crazy Girls stripclub!

Last night was a fun night with two cool concerts...
and the venue for the concerts were...

The CRAZY GIRLS Stripclub :)

It was two really good concerts, but we were mostly there to see 

They had such a great time on stage
But i have to say it was kind of distracting at times to have to see pass all the boobs and butts ;)

YES, the concerts were surrounded by Strippers that were trying their best to make money while people wanted to see and hear the concert instead...
I was so happy to not be in their shoes!
(no REALLY, their shoes looked SO uncomfortable..)

This is Conquistadors lead singer Alex, isn´t his outfit to die for!?
The girl in the back is actually not just hangin´out...

Here is a small video of this crazy cool band ;)
As you can see, the legs were sort of all over the place... :P

(PS!! Sorry for the sound being absent...lets thank Lefdal repair shop for killing my camera sound...Thank you Lefdal! 
I REALLY do not care for you very much right now!)

But Alex reeeeeally loves it on Stage and gives it ALL he´s got!!
The same does the rest of the band! Fun Fun Fun!

Since it was kind of crowded on stage the band just tried to ehhh...blend in..

And here are the lovely ladies that i was there with :)
(Alex, you can be one of us ;D)
The manager, Stevie actually came over and asked if we could come visit them again soon, he would love to have a group of happy girls in the house ;)

I think this one is really funny, but some of the girls in this occupation has more degrees than you and me,- so there! 

Before leaving Crazy girls, i tried to wake up Ron 
(Jeremy, for those innocents out there who don´t know who he is...;D)

He woke up once in a while, smiled and said "HEEEEEY you" 
Haha! Priceless!!
I think he felt reeeally at home at Crazy Girls ;D

Ehhhh...and the girl in the back is working a LOT harder than me to wake up that guy... As you can see, my attempt was much more suddle ;)

The reason why he fell asleep, to many hot girls to handle... ;)

Have a wonderful night ;)