søndag 29. september 2013

Kariannes little love <3

Karianne picked this little kitty girl up on Saturday. She was so brave when she left her home and family- and was in a car for the first time <3

torsdag 6. desember 2012

Photomania in Disneyland :)

Wonderful Disneyland before Christmas :)

You can NEVER become to old for fun in the Sun
in Disney!

I had a blast with a wonderful 12 yrs old
running our butts off to catch every ride possible :) 

Peter Pan´s scary house :)

It´s a Small World for sure
and its using electricity that could glow from here to the moon!

Two Minnie Mouses catching every ride available!

søndag 7. oktober 2012


HELP! Google+ have removed ALL my Blog pictures all the way back to when I started the blog almost 3 yrs ago... Anyone have any idea what to do??? I have never erased any pictures- but it will take me a whole continuous month to add them back on!! What to do??????

torsdag 19. juli 2012


I figured out how to blog from my new Android!! 
It will be a lot more action here now ;)

torsdag 5. april 2012

Wonderful Winterland....Harstad by April :)

I always LOVE going home to see my family in 
Harstad <3

This time it was my Sister, my niece and nephew Luna and Tim, 
my bonus "little-sister" Camilla,
Mommy, Daddy and Grandpa
that I prioritized

My Grandpa and me <3

He is now in a retirement home
after we lost my beautiful Grandma last May
his health suddenly started playing tricks on him...

I was in L.A when I lost my Grandma
and it felt like someone ripped my heart out of my chest
So I am dreading the day my Grandpa won´t be here with us...
and i fear I won´t be there to hold his hand...

Even talking about this makes me sad, 
so I will stop right there...

Over to someone that makes my heart jump out of my chest
out of pure love and joy!

<3 Luna and Tim <3

Since they were born they have lit up every day for me
with fireworks and laughs
Even when they are far away
they make me smile :)

My Mommy, Luna, Tim and I on a snow ride :)

My beautiful sister and her two hearts <3

Here´s my sister and my Daddy on her proud day <3 

My sister means the world to me
I would be SO lost without her!
Love you Lillesøs <3

It is NOT little mice that are responsible for this ;)

When there is no candy in the house
and two 4 yrs old want chocolate-
there is no point hiding it...
Mommy´s Valentine´s present gets it!!

Camilla- that came into our family when she was only 1 1/2 yrs old
and since then she has been a part of our family <3

She is getting so old- almost a teenager it feels like!!
(Thankfully, not yet ;D)

My Mommy and me working out <3

Did I say it is 7.45am???
I don´t think my Mom is quite awake yet haha!
I don´t look very much awake either
(my body and mind usually wake up at 11-ish :D)
But we did work out for 2 hrs
and today my Mom says she needs assistance to sit and stand haha!

I have gotten her addicted to working out as well :):)

But when it looks like THIS outside
you will find 
reason to stay inside!!!

And when the reason looks like this
It´s not too shabby ;)

Friskhuset Harstad

They gave me a great and very affordable deal
so I could work out
-AND to get my Mommy hooked!
Thank you Friskhuset! <3

My sister and her hubby and 
Luna and Tim
went north for Easter with
(I guess the minutes were longer than on NRK in this weather ;D)

On the right,
My hometown Harstad in snow :)
And its NOT even Christmas haha!

To wrap it up
My Daddy took me to see my Aunt and his Sister at her retirement home
before we went to the airport,
And she is the happiest person ever!
SO cute!

A great time with my family up North!!

So until I see you all again
Have a great Spring!!

Still alive and KICKING!! :)

I know you think I passed away...
but I didn´t! :)

I merely have been very busy being a

But I´m a DARN good one!

The Visa papers are lost?
I´m on it!
The house I love is being demolished?
We´ll find a new!
The job I was looking forward to is not happening without the visa?
I´ll do it next year- AND find another one!
The world is falling on my head?
I´m grabbing it and make it my BITCH!


Anyways you guys!
I´m on my way back to my beautiful house 
to enjoy it with my wonderful roomies
before its being demolished...

Then house hunting
Getting my papers so I can continue on my quest in
LA LA Land :)

Until then amigos-
A wonderful Easter to you! xox