torsdag 5. april 2012

Still alive and KICKING!! :)

I know you think I passed away...
but I didn´t! :)

I merely have been very busy being a

But I´m a DARN good one!

The Visa papers are lost?
I´m on it!
The house I love is being demolished?
We´ll find a new!
The job I was looking forward to is not happening without the visa?
I´ll do it next year- AND find another one!
The world is falling on my head?
I´m grabbing it and make it my BITCH!


Anyways you guys!
I´m on my way back to my beautiful house 
to enjoy it with my wonderful roomies
before its being demolished...

Then house hunting
Getting my papers so I can continue on my quest in
LA LA Land :)

Until then amigos-
A wonderful Easter to you! xox

1 kommentar:

  1. Koselig å se at du er tilbake :)
    Søteste kaninen du har her ღ Ønsker
    deg en fortsatt riktig God Påske :)
    Klem fra Mette